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We have great experience in handling cases involving personal injuries of all types and we have worked with a wide variety of people, ranging from individuals to medical practitioners, businesses and companies. We are used to turning the tables on insurance companies when they offer unfair settlements to accident victims.

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Mr. Hernandez has handled the following personal injury cases throughout the State of Florida:

Car, Motorcycle and Automobile accidents

If you are injured due to the negligence of others you must contact a committed and skilled attorney that has experience in handling these type of cases.



Loosing someone you love is an extremely difficult and painful experience, especially when his or her death was due to someone else’s negligence. You have every right to seek representation on behalf of your loved one.


If you entered someone else’s premises and were injured due to their negligence you are within your legal right to seek representation for any injury sustained.

Slip and fall injuries

Property owners’ priority should be to ensure the safety and well being of any guest entering their premises. If you slip and fall, or injure yourself due to dangerous conditions in or on the property of another person, you need to seek representation from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Ship and Boating accidents

Injured in any type of water vehicle? You do not need to suffer any longer due to the negligence of others. Contact our firm now!

Airplane accident

If an airline company fails to meet the safety requirements for their passengers and you are injured, you need an attorney by your side!

Swimming Pool injuries

Injuries in a pool or even death due to drowning can be avoided if the property owner, pool manufacturer and/or pool maintenance meet the safety requirements with reference to his pool. If you are injured you have ever right to seek the representation of an attorney to fight for you, or your loved one’s rights and well being.

Bicycle accident

With the sparse protection cyclists have together with the negligence of other motorists, many injuries and deaths have occurred. If you are injured on your bike by a motorist you have the right to a good compensation related to injuries sustained. Do not hesitate to contact our firm to represent you.

Construction site injuries

Safety standards are a must at every type of construction location. With the failure to uphold safety standards at a specific site, injuries can and do often occur. If you are injured in a work area, whether in the capacity of employee or that of a bystander, call us now to protect your rights.

Traumatic head and brain injuries

Those experiencing a devastating head injury due to any negligence should receive the correct representation by an experienced personal injury attorney who will obtain the best results for you

Pedestrian accidents

Motorists can often hit a pedestrian or bystander because of their careless driving or simply because they did not see them. If you are a pedestrian who has suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you need to call a personal injury attorney to represent you and secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Electrocution accident

Are you a victim of electrocution due to the faulty equipment, or the proper operation of equipment, dueto the negligence on the part of FPL? Electrocution can be as serious as causing death. You need to seek representation from an attorney. Call our firm now!

Negligent security

If you have had any type of injury in a premises, due to the lack of security, or any other type of condition, you have every right to contact an attorney to better assist you with your case.

Nursing home abuse and neglect

If you or your loved one is being mistreated by an individual in a nursing home our firm is here to help. We represent victims that have been subject to elderly abuse in a nursing home

Trucking accidents

Trucks can cause devastating, traumatic injuries. Our personal injury lawyer is here to represent you through your legal issue.